NFT3 Awards
Designation: CEO and Founder of BOK Productions

Hello, my name is Kimberli Bruce, CEO and Founder of BOK Productions. We specialize in planning and managing events.

As an entrepreneur with a business background and having been the chef and owner of a successful sushi restaurant, one of my gifts is common sense, as in bringing one’s senses into common – into balance. Using my five senses and sixth sense, I am good at listening carefully to discern the themes you really want to share at your event with your attendees, then work with you to create the event.

What I have learned over time is that one of my greatest joys is watching satisfied customers. At my restaurant for example, I once had a guest literally pick up her plate and lick it because she loved the sauce so much, she did not want to waste a drop of it. What gives you joy?

My goal is to exceed your expectations, helping you create events that leave your guests not wanting to waste a drop, and wanting more too.