Designation: XR (VR • AR) Artist-Hacker-Founder of SuperKind DAO, and ILLI$T Heirlooms

Maxximillian is an NFT Music and XR artist, founder of SuperKind DAO, and ILLI$T antiquities heirlooms where XR meets Old World.

Her work combines fine jewelry design and cutting-edge digital technologies with blockchain viability and the limitless creativity possible with augmented reality (AR). MAXXIMILLIAN’S ILLI$T Phygital NFT heirlooms are XR—encapsulating Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR)—with real-world utility, including the heirloom itself in the physical for select designs. ILLI$T Phygital NFT Heirlooms are exclusive to $ILLI collectors and include AR fashion airdrops of some antiquities such as The Helmet of MHERIT (pictured below).

Attendees to the NFT3 Awards event who greet Maxximillian IRL with the phrase “Hello, Cousin,” will be offered an $ILLI POAP! POAP holders are automatically entered into a raffle. Winners will be airdropped an $ILLI NFT Heirloom. Winners are announced Aug 5-7 on Twitter at 5:55 PST live from the NFT3 Awards event!


Maxximillian’s work has been exhibited IRL at NFTNYC in New York in  the iconic TEMPORAL VISION exhibition by VIZMESH in Times Square, FIGURE GLYPHS by at Times Square Edition hotel, and in Beijing, China at Cathay View Art Zone. Currently Maxximillian’s Art is being experienced in more than 15 Exhibitions in the metaverse, including a second year of inclusion in Sabet’s Stratosphere 2022 experience in a partnership with Spatial.

Her latest artistic exploration is cutting-edge Augmented Reality, Maxximillian’s Musical Star Portals—an audio visual NFT collection designed to delight the mind and elevate the mood with frequencies, music and sonic atmospheres with visuals that evoke feelings of well-being, positive transformation, enthusiasm and harmony—are now available as Augmented Reality phygital prints; these AR artworks can be experienced with your smartphone.

This summer, in a collaboration with ARTIVIVE, a limited-edition series of physical posters, each one featuring an original artwork by Maxximillian that is enhanced with AR, will be available to collect via a trip to any of Maxximillian’s metaverse exhibitions until the last day of summer. 

“The highest form of art is the kind that compels people experiencing it to want to make and explore art themselves, or in a new form, or more deeply,” the artist says speaking of her NFT Collection DREAM PLACES.

Maxximillian’s Dream Places metaverse experience introduces concepts to unpack universal ciphers, the subject: places we visit in our dreams and things we can do in the dreamscape alongside practical ways to engage with wisdom retrieved from spontaneous and lucid dreams. This project is highly personal yet relevant to every human as each of us dreams during sleep. Metaverse events where Dream Places token holders can discuss and share dreams and lucid dreaming experiences highlight this multimedia NFT collection of lucid dream experiences expressed through the mediums of aural art, visual art, and film.

“Without reservations I acknowledge Art in all its forms as the most accessible catalyst for social change. Art allows us to privately cultivate our own informed perspectives through the lens of another person’s most compelling personal experiences.”

Minting now exclusively on her sovereign smart contracts, Maxximillian’s artistic styles range from the ethereal PROSPERITY collection (above) to the whimsical MOTO POPZ NFT art collection of tiny editions and MOTO rares—colorful editions of 1. MOTO POPZ are created in a deliberate flow state where an intention is set but no artistic parameters of any kind. 

Pictured above: “All Of Me” a MOTO POPZ rare from Maxximillian.eth 

“My greatest joys in life have come from the relationships made at in-person events like NFTCON and Web3CON. There’s nothing more nourishing to the spirit than  being among other people who all share your passion with you. But for those times when conferencing in the physical is not viable, there are other solutions. To that end, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of $XXIMI and $ILLI tokens directly fund $UPERKIND DAO, an Artility-focused friendly bridge to the metaverse—onboarding for artists, brands and organizations wanting to expand their offerings to include previously underserved members of our communities, building new relationships globally in a kind, responsible, sustainable way that’s as creative and playful as it is useful, a theme that permeates the entire Web3 space from cryptocurrency to NFTs.

All Sessions By Maxximillian

Women in Web3

5 August 2022 (10:30 - 10:45)