NFT3 Awards


Natacha Rousseau

KlimaDAO an algorithmic carbon-backed cryptocurrency Offset your carbon footprint

Rachel Wolfson

Senior Reporter @cointelegraph (formerly @forbes); Author of "Bitcoin: Down The Rabbit Hole," Writing a book on #blockchain

Anastasia Drinevskaya

Creative Director of @cointelegraph, CEO at Cointelegraph Communications Agency

Brian Rowe

Sr Director - Global Games at Brave Software


8686 diverse Orbisons. First token holder @snoopdogg

David Bianchi

Actor / Filmmaker / Multimedia #NFT Artist

Bruce Porter Jr

American investor Founder at Washington Elite

Peter Martin

Futurist and an Academy Award nominated Producer

Ian Feiner

Founder Freckle, Expert Advertising, interactive/gamified NFT experiences

Crypto Keeper

Visionary, Futurist, Blockchain and Web3 Educator

Miggy Crypto

Working to build a better world, one blok at a time Community Alpha

Oluwatobi Ajayi

Leading the future of the Music industry with NFTs and Voyage Paradise

Conlan Rios

Founder, CEO of @AsyncArt Summoner of #NFT Scribe Former #Metaverse land developer


Expert Community Builder leading thoughtful opportunities in web3

Ben Spievak

Utilizing NFTs to build community and elevate consciousness

Brian Stollery

Leadership in world's first IRL music festival DAO, W3BSTOCK

Chris Darafeev

Expert Content Creator Leading Trust and Value in #Web3


Dad & Husband! Crypto & NFT Degen

Santiago Melgarejo

Full time NFT trader / Podcast host / NFT project consultant / Crogecoin NFT Director

Patrick Riser

Author and Investor

Bobby Kunta

CoFounder @NonFunEvents

Fully Voxxed

The Voice of Crypto


VP Industry Development

The Gooneez

Musician / Songwriter / Artist / Web3 / Creator


Storyteller | Artist | Lyricist | Director | Multidisciplinary


Musician - First Finger Drummer in web 3.0

Alan Argollo

Maddies.eth- Phygital Bridge for NFTs - Largest NFT Merch Partner


First #web3 music artist powered by @soulrichteam

Dayna Kovacic

Filmmaker / Author / Philanthropist / Web3


Founder - Queer Friends NFT

Ali Bianchi Music

Singer / Songwriter / Pianist NFT Music / Metaverse Concerts

Brando Murphy

Investor / Content creator / Coach / Consultant

Malcolm Kelley

Actor / Platinum Artist / Writer / Producer

Adriann Guy

Maker, techie and mentor devoted to STEAM outreach and minority engagement

Sid Richlin

CEO of Non Fungible Art Inc, the company behind Crypto Homies

Typhaney Bennett

Dev - Passion for code & raw gems

Carlos Maseda

Photographer / Musician / CEO Point Media Label / Building Latin America 3.0

Victoria Fuller

CEO Gatefold Labs - Lead Artist @theRogueBunnies Creative Force Playmate

Charles Kieu

Pudgy Penguins Spreading good vibes across the meta

Paul Jenkins

Writer for original TMNT, Origins of Wolverine and CoFounder of MetaX Studios

Keri Kilty

Founder at Authentify Art, web3 innovator creating thoughtful solutions for all things IoT

Travis Wright

Futurist. Author. Introspective Extrovert. Dad. Creator.

Krista Kim


Karen V Jenkins

futurist. disruptor. contrarian. board member. founder @KidAlytics

Ben Weiss

Revolutionizing footwear, one step at a time. Co-Founded by @lildurk

Wendy Heimann Nunes

Nolan Heimann Law Group

Marcie Jastrow

Metaverse Advisor Shiba Inu Coin making technology conversations frictionless

Teressa Gehrke

PopCykol Protecting Curious Kids Online! Cyber security awareness & education


15 Yr Old Day Trader/Web3/Entrepreneur - Founder @MDR_Labs


Cryptoholic Creative Producer

Marc Illy

Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Producer, Blogger, Social influencer & Piano player

Mana Momen

VR artist and creator of PulseCats

Michael Rodriguez

NFT Music Artist, Producer

Julian Banks


Sam Blade

Investment Advisor +Artist

Stephen Hill

Co-Founded by @lildurk - Revolutionizing footwear, one step at a time

Roger Caneda

Marketing Expert, Biz Dev, Advisor - Gaming & Web3

Saro McKenna

Co-Founder & CEO, Dacoco (Alien Worlds)

Chase Coleman

CEO of @HelloEnhance

Michel Triana

Founder of @MeanFinance, Scientist, Investor

Arvin Khamseh

Globally Recognized NFT Marketing Expert


Musician - July The Ginny

Jake Gallen

Historical NFT Collector and Educator

Stackie Robinson

Social Media Influencer

Caitlin Strempel

First ever woman owned NFT marketing agency

Darcy Donavan

CryptoQueen of Quality Projects leading accessibility in Web3


The Final Frontier web3 space for everybody


A Pioneer Entrepreneur of Crypto and Music NFTs

Nestor Limas

Web2 and Web3 trader, Fitness Entrepreneur

Kathryn Nowak

Katalyst empower & educate women in NFTs & web3

Wendy O

Host- The O Show -Everything Crypto

Chris Mangos

TikTok Creator - @iamchrismangos

Yu-Kai Chou

Author, Octalysis Framework Creator, Metablox NFT Founder

Blake Hightower

Creator. Entertainer. Investor

Sean Kelly

Founder @DinosChibi VP Marketing @infinitebysuku
NFT3 Awards

Adrian Swish

Entrepreneur + Music Executive
NFT3 Awards

Anastasia Vitruk

Web3 Marketing
NFT3 Awards

Elena Obukhova

NFT3 Awards

Spottie Wifi

Musical Artist/Performer NFT3


Producer/Host NFT3
NFT3 Awards

Lauren Turton

Host of @freedomwithnfts podcast and NFT3 Emcee
NFT3 Awards

Rylee Armond

surreal NFT artist 💫 dlc.sol ~ omnicake.eth
NFT3 Awards

Doc Peace

Retired Doctor | Spoken Word Artist | Podcast Host
NFT3 Awards

Daniel Sado



XR (VR • AR) Artist-Hacker-Founder of SuperKind DAO, and ILLI$T Heirlooms
NFT3 Awards

Dan Curcio

Founder No Brainer NFT
NFT3 Awards

Tim Ruppel

Business Development NFTs.TIPS
NFT3 Awards

Ely Glassy Beckman

Co-Founder NFTs.TIPS
NFT3 Awards

Alexander Mazzei

Co-Founder NFTs.TIPS
NFT3 Awards

Sarai Mora

Creatress VR Performance Artist Creatress DAO Founder
NFT3 Awards

Kimberli Bruce

CEO and Founder of BOK Productions
NFT3 Awards

Tony Bravado

Talent Acquisitions - Board of Advisors SDNFT | NFT3
NFT3 Awards

Matthew-Andrew Bañez

Founder Vie Savant | Co-Founder SD NFT CON

Mark Anthony Banez

Event & Markering Director | Co Founder SD NFT CON
NFT3 Awards

Daniel Botha

Hashlips - Founder Sketchy Ape Book Club
NFT3 Awards

Fariha Jafri

Head of PR, San Diego NFT Convention

Mike Prasad

Founder at @Tinysponsor/EveryCreator

Brad Bethell

Founder/CEO SDNFTcon

Macy Gray

Grammy Award winning recording artist

Derek Wienert

Secretary / CTO Meta-g, Inc & JELLYZ NFT

Jenna Schwoyer

Treasurer / CFO Meta-g, Inc & JELLYZ NFT

Scott Maples

President/CEO Meta-g, Inc & JELLYZ NFT

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